Terms and Conditions

1 – Treatment Maintenance Program

For your specific treatment plan and oral condition, the proposed maintenance program.


Frequency to attend control appointments:


– Every 6- 12 months


Procedures during control appointments:


– Clinical Observation
– Professional Tooth Cleaning
– X-Rays if needed
– Oral Hygiene Instructions if needed

2 – Treatment Warranty program

Assurance in the maintenance of good dental conditions and materials performance is not possible in medicine or dentistry. However, for your trust and safety, we provide treatment warranties according to the following conditions:


Teeth Forever® Prettau® unbreakable bridge – Lifetime warranty


Plan options:


1- Single annual visit: 60 minutes Dentist/Hygienist examination and radiographic report




2 – Biannual 6 monthly visits: 2 x 60 minutes Dentist/Hygienist examination and radiographic report plus 10% discount on other treatment.


£17.50 per month


– Patients must attend Maintenance Program appointments. (just like you service a car annually in order for the warranty to stand)


– Damage resulting from accidents, traumas or unreasonable use do not apply.